Lequel est meilleur: automoteur ou à déplacement manuel?

Advantages of self-propelling models

•   More productive in open spaces
•   Up to 400% more efficient!
•   Go up and down more than 40 times a day
•   IPAF 3A training

Advantages of push-around models

•   Low cost (purchase and maintenance)
•   Direct physical contact = less damage
•   Ideal if you need to go up and down fewer than 40 times a day
•   Fast training

Important factors to consider when purchasing:

•   Does the worker need a self-propelling aerial work platform if it isn’t necessary to move about?
•   How long and how often does the worker need to work at height?
•   Would you prefer your employee to be given brief instruction or IPAF -3A training?
•   Your employee will always prefer the best/ easiest option: the self-propelling LowLevel XS